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we have a shop now! we'll add more designs in the future but for now, you have longbody and cage to choose from. A DIFFICULT CHOICE, I KNOW

thanks for all the support and love over the years! <3


you can also find me over here:


it's been a while since i've written a new journal entry, so here's what i've been up to: i have moved into a new place, i have found a job, and now i'm free to finally settle down and work on opening my little art shop! i am all kinds of excited about this!

before that shop is a real thing, i'd like to give you a chance at the first couple of pieces. these are original works of art! there will not be any prints made of these images; once they are gone, they are gone for good! there will be more paintings soon, but these two are the first.

THE OGRE…, which can also be seen here. this painting will be sold with the frame; $40.

TEA BEAR…, which can also be seen here. i am not selling the frame; $30.

i'll keep everyone posted when i have the shop up. for now, have a look at these beauties. consider these beauties. one of a kind tea paintings!

~ ~ ~

you'll find me here
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my Etsy

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real life moving!

yep, i'm moving to a new city all by myself. this isn't school related; this is big scary grown-up moving! i'll need to find a new job AND a new place. i hop on the train tomorrow morning. it's exciting and horrifying at the same time, but isn't everything?

i'm telling y'all this because i love you because in the interest of traveling light i'm not bringing my scanner with me until i've found a place. okay also because i love you. without my scanner i'll only be able to really do digital drawings and paintings, which is fine but it'll cramp my already questionable style.

i will, however, be offering a whole whack of digi-commissions in the meantime! seriously. i'm going to need something to take my mind off the horrors of scary grown-up life and also something to help pad my groceries fund. i'll draw anything for you! personal characters, fan art, or even my characters... anything within reason! just go ahead and send me a note!

and because i'm aware that the economy hurts lately i'll do each of these for a measly $10! ten bucks a pop, unless you ask for something ridiculously detailed with a massive background and multiple characters-- if that's the case, i'll ask for $15. and i'll send you a massive copy of the finished thing by e-mail.

moving to a new city! $10-$15 digital commissions! please help keep me not-bored C:

thanks, guys!

~ ~ ~

you'll find me here
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my illustration blog

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i am open for commissions! send me a note if you're interested.

sketches or line drawings starting at $10

full colour illustrations starting at $20

digital and traditional media available.

and there is also my print shop!

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you'll find me here
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my illustration blog

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i totally, totally ganked this from lupie-stardust's lj and i am quite shameless. :B but since it's mid-afternoon in gloomy canada and i have no school, no schoolwork, no life AND i'm waiting for a loooong download to finish, i torment you thusly.

seriously, this would be so much fun. i have about a billion characters floating around here, so it shouldn't be difficult thinking of one, eh? but kindly refrain from asking about the same ones twice. or whatever. anything goes! ed weird characters, written messes, random brain spasms...GO.

1. Pick one of my characters, any one, fannish or entirely original (even if you're only familiar with a vague description instead of a name).
2. I will tell you the origin of his/her name.
3. I will tell you random facts surrounding his/her creation.
4. I will give you a random fact of his/her backstory.
5. I will give you a random fact of his/her forestory.
6. You may ask me up to ten questions about the character.
7. I will give the most embarrassing fact they want no one to know, or I will tell you their secret love, or I will give you one TMI fact.


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horrid haikus

Mon Jan 23, 2006, 4:04 PM
Well, lah-dee-frickin'-DAH.

i update my journal wayyyyy too often, but i'm a writer who just happens to be insane, so go get pierced or something and speak not a word of my journal-obsession. ish.

so i was sitting in my studio drawing class today, for FOUR HOURS *dead* and bored out of my skull. shreddie has this way of knowing when people are bored and of randomly showing up to remedy this (today he was wearing godawful plaid slacks, two pairs of suspenders, a t-shirt i'm quite confident he stole from a toddler, and his hair was purple and green). he insisted on sitting on my desk half of the time, which wasn't much of a problem until he decided to sit on my work... mmhm. he forced me to listen to his favourite bowie songs and then he wrote me a haiku. AND IT GOES:

"you are a loser
why are you talking to me
i don't like your head."

it means he loves me and we're married. says him.

i also think he skipped his nice-person pills this morning, but it doesn't make that much of a difference in the end.

so the moral of this story is that shreddie wants more haikus. the more annoying and disturbed, the better! DO IT FOR SHREDDIE, for he's skipped his nice-person pills.

ALSO: the milo2 voted for the first time today and got apprehended by an official person for wearing a STOP HARPER pin... but the roommate was wearing the same (twice), so life went on without trouble. VOTINATIONING.


omg i joined clubs lmao:
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omg my other account rofl:

wtf clubs dedicated to my characters omfg:
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THE OTHER ME, by yours truly ^_^

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